There are several unprofessional rivals trying to tarnish the clear image of Henry N Portner by spreading rumors that he was being involved in misconduct. Well, this is not true in all means. In fact, he is the ideal hardworking American who followed his true passion to reach the top with his dedication and power.

About Henry N Portner’s Career

Henry N Portner is a 60-years old lawyer who is based in Wellington, Fl, USA. He also served as a General Counsel in a private law firm and practiced in this industry for years. He also has experience in the United States District Court, United States Tax Court, the United States Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals. He also practiced in the court of six states, including Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia. His ability to serve the public and his professional wisdom puts all the fake rumors regarding misconduct aside.


Currently, he is serving at Attorney Advocates of America as a Managing Partner. He worked as a Partner in Charge already for Equine Legal Resources, a law firm at Palm Beach County, Florida. He has become the leading name for providing the right solution and his ability to respond to different needs of clients when facing complex legal matters.

He also has great interest to assist his fellow lawyers with his expertise and experience. He has also been the Guest Speaker and Lecturer in the US for different industries. He also has taught as a professor in taxation at Master’s Level in the university.

People spreading hatred about him are also worried about his positive image and desperately want to tarnish it but cannot compete with his excellence in offering world-class services at very affordable prices.


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