Discover best services from the experienced Henry N Portner attorney general in real estate transaction law and litigation process. Equipped with master of law in taxation to provide best legal guidance and solution in any case relevant to:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Construction issues
  • Fraud faced by clients in real estate
  • Foreclosure-related to property and contested
  • Formation of government, and nongovernment companies
  • Stock sales and Acquisitions
  • Landlord and lease disputes
  • Clash regarding condominium issues
  • Insurance policy arguments

Due to his immense knowledge and expertise in area, he is an active private practitioner now. Whether, he majorly works in Florida, but his outreach is not limited to this place only. He owned a law firm, along with; he is active as Managing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America and as the Partner in Charge of the law firm Equine Legal Resources. Consumer Attorneys of America is a nationwide insolvency law firm

Henry N Portner, ethics are strictly followed from the scratch. Consumer Attorneys of America is the reputed professional association. Fake news such as Henry N Portner, misconduct blogs or Henry N Portner, reprimand stories are just to create misunderstandings about him. In fact, Henry N Portner, USPTO is highly recognized law firm in New Jersey.

Henry N Portner is the esteemed lawyer who has been rehearsing Law since 1974. He was general counselor for more than 35 years. He has command on taxation issues, transaction and litigations. He is not just interested in Law practice but he is expert in charitable functions, ethical matters in South Florida. He also gives lecturers for various industries. He solves legal issues with his expertise.

Henry N Portner handles all his cases with perfection and he is the best lawyer and bigger name in USA. He is the biggest asset to the Judiciary according to the Supreme Court.



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