Considering the surveys of Road Safety Department, the cases of car accidents have become a common sight in America. The frequency of car drivers who violate the traffic rules and injure innocent pedestrians is growing at a rapid pace over the years. If you are also among the victims of anyone’s misconduct or carelessness, you should sue that person and ask for compensation irrespective of your injury’s intensity.  Perhaps Henry N Portner is an ideal attorney to help you out in any such matter.

Taking a legal action

In order to find appropriate legal assistance for filing a complaint against the driver, you need to hire a reliable and specialized car accident lawyer. Mr. Henry N Portner is indeed one of the right options for you when it comes to car accident lawyers. Having graduated from Temple University in the year 1991, Mr. Portner has over 35 years of experience in dealing with cases from different areas.

His expertise speaks

At present, he holds his offices at six different states of the country namely Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. Having such widespread presence, he has sufficient expertise in dealing with variety of legal issues. His key practice areas are –

  • Traffic Defense
  • Contract disputes
  • Lemon laws
  • Real estate
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Consumer protection law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law

Consider his proficiency

Despite all the fake news of Henry N Portner, misconduct with the bar of Florida, his proficiency in the field makes him the much preferred choice for most of the clients. Some of his major works experiences in general counsel that define his ability include –

  • Consolidation and merger of key poultry producers in Eastern Coast.
  • Corporate representation of Poultry and meat producers in Eastern Coast.
  • Served as a bank counsel for the regional banks of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.
  • Involved in the strategic planning for the prevention of hostile takeover with the help of ESOP in the banking industry.

These are few of his life instances where his achievements are commendable. Looking at his progressively growing career, he is surely a capable attorney for your car accident case.




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